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steph corker

EFM09 – Steph Corker – A Relentless Passion for Trying: People Consultant, Coach and Pro Triathlete

How you do anything is how you do everything. That means the bigger picture of success is defined by your daily habits, your attitude towards failure and who you surround yourself with. Steph Corker, a People Consultant, entrepreneur, coach and professional triathlete, lives by this daily mantra. Her journey towards becoming an entrepreneur and professional triathlete has been one full of both failures and successes; but her relentless passion for trying and daily habits propels her towards some audacious goals. This is her story.

endurance fm

EFM06 – Highlights from Endurance FM #1-5

5 episodes into Endurance FM and what have we learned? Well, it's been both inspirational and insightful. The endurance sports entrepreneurs featured in the first 5 shows all had powerful stories and it's been a real privilege to share them with you.