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neil porter mybikeandi

EFM04 – Neil Porter – MyBikeAndi

Launching a cycling clothing brand on a minimum budget isn't easy. But, it's the kind of challenge an endurance athlete enjoys taking on. Just like tackling the iconic Mont Ventoux climb in the Alps, Neil Porter has learned that growing a successful clothing business is a slow grind rather than a sprint. This is the story of how Neil Porter is building his inclusive cycling brand one fan at a time.

travis mckenzie ntsq

EFM03 – Travis McKenzie (Endurance FM)

A near fatal bike crash left Travis McKenzie with a 97% chance of never walking again. But, endurance sports teaches you the power of never giving up. From running down the Ironman finisher chute at Kona with his dad in 1992 to leaving the comfort of salaried life to set up his own sports brand, age group champion Travis McKenzie's story of overcoming is an inspiration to both athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

graham ross kusaga

EFM02 – Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone: Graham Ross of Kusaga Athletic (Endurance FM)

Is someone who gets off on 270km motor bike racing, Ironman triathlon or the Great Wall Marathon wired differently? Or is he just comfortable living outside a normal person's comfort zone? Whether completing 13 Ironman races or building successful businesses, Co-Founder of Kusaga Athletic, Graham Ross constantly pushes beyond his own comfort zone in the quest for new adventures.

frank sole swimming

EFM01 – Frank Sole, Sole Swim Solutions (Endurance FM)

After being downsized from the comfortable position of Director of Engineering at one of New Jersey's leading hospital, Frank Sole began a journey of self-discovery that led to him to following his passion as a triathlon swim coach. In this episode of Endurance FM, Frank shares his love for coaching and how life has turned around since he swapped a salaried existence in New Jersey for life down in Scottsdale, Arizona.