EFM02 – Graham Ross – Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone – Kusaga Athletic

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Graham Ross Show Summary

Is someone who gets off on 270km motor bike racing, Ironman triathlon or the Great Wall Marathon wired differently? Or is he just comfortable living outside a normal person’s comfort zone? Whether completing 13 Ironman races or building successful businesses, Co-Founder of Kusaga Athletic, Graham Ross constantly pushes beyond his own comfort zone in the quest for new adventures.

Highlights from Graham Ross’s show:

  • How Graham strives to push himself out of his comfort zone both in his physical and entrepreneurial efforts
  • What if feels like to ride 270kmh on a motorbike in Philip Island, Australia
  • How he learned to ride a motorbike aged 4 (!)
  • How Graham completed 9 Half Ironmans and 4 Ironmans
  • How Graham got into the whole endurance sport thing on the back of a singe phone call
  • What it’s like to complete the epic Great Wall Marathon in China
  • How a friend convinced him to run the Great Wall Marathon just months after life threatening brain surgery
  • Why Graham left his successful TV production company in Australia to start a new life in Singapore
  • The idea behind Kusaga Athletic – and his drive to change the habits of the textile business to make the industry more sustainable
  • How Kusaga turned to Kickstarter for find its initial fans, successfully raising over $15,000
  • How Graham managed a near-crisis with his early backers when the manufacturer shut down without warning
  • How manufacturing the average sports T-shirt is hugely wasteful, requiring over 3,000 liters of water to make, and how Graham and his team have found a way to produce high quality fabrics with just 1% of that water requirement
  • How, despite friends backing out, freak lightning storms and a 27 hour plane journey, Graham completed his first Ironman

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