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TRAVIS MCKENZIE Show Summary in 30 words

A near fatal bike crash left Travis McKenzie with a 97% chance of never walking again. But, endurance sports teaches you the power of never giving up. From running down the Ironman finisher chute at Kona with his dad in 1992 to leaving the comfort of salaried life to set up his own sports brand, age group champion Travis McKenzie’s story of overcoming is an inspiration to both athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

Highlights from TRAVIS MCKENZIE’S show:

  • How growing up in Australia in the early 90s gave Travis access to triathlon’s elite athletes
  • How his first trip overseas as a 10 year old to Kona, Hawaii to watch his father compete in the Ironman World Championships sealed his love for the sport
  • How a near fatal bike crash left him with a 97% chance of never being able to work again
  • How Travis turned that adversity around to later qualify for Ironman Texas
  • Why Travis is sharing the pain, anxiety, despair and joy of being an athlete in his latest project Inner Voice
  • Why he left an “easy job” at Lululemon to scratch his entrepreneurial itch in endurance sports
  • What it’s like to take on a bike race with 300 chefs


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