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NEIL PORTER MyBikeAndi Show Summary

Launching cycling clothing brand MyBikeAndi on a minimum budget isn’t easy. But, it’s the kind of challenge an endurance athlete enjoys taking on. Just like tackling the iconic Mont Ventoux climb in the Alps, Neil Porter has learned that growing clothing business MyBikeAndi is a slow grind rather than a sprint. This is the story of how Neil Porter is building his inclusive cycling brand one fan at a time.

Highlights from NEIL PORTER’s show:

  • What it’s like to climb the iconic Mont Ventoux on your own
  • How Neil runs his cycling clothing brand MyBikeAndi with 12-15 hours a week
  • How Neil sources his clothes, fabrics and designs from Alibaba
  • How to successfully find a supplier and manage quality from overseas
  • How to build a grassroots community one fan at a time
  • How Neil uses Instagram as his main marketing tool
  • How Neil hopes to build an inclusive cycling community for both guys and gals

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