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Greg McDermott Show Summary

From the power of accountability to the importance of goals: How Greg McDermott completed Ultraman, cycled 14000km around Australia and became an endurance sports coach.

Greg McDermott Introduction

Oh boy have I got a story for you on Endurance FM today. If you enjoyed our earlier show on Endurance FM with Graham Ross from Kusaga, you’re gonna love this one. Because Graham said that my next guest was as driven and crazy as he was.

We are going to share power tips and tricks to achieve your goals in business, life and endurance sports from someone who has achieved radical change in all those 3 areas. We’ll focus on the power of story, how to use accountability and the importance of hanging around with the right people. That’s all here in the next hour on Endurance FM.

Highlights from Greg McDermott’s show:

  • How Greg achieved the near-impossible and completed the Australian Ultraman challenge
  • The power of “Why?” in achieving your toughest goals and how Greg used that to help him get through his 14,000 km challenge cycling around Australia
  • Why Greg decided to pursue his passion as an endurance sports coach
  • The power of story in making positive change in your life
  • How to use accountability in achieving your goals
  • The importance of the people you hang around with in setting and achieving your goals
  • Why goals that don’t scare you simply aren’t big enough
  • How to overcome resistance from friends and family in making change
  • How Greg started his coaching business by offering informal training for free

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Greg McDermott Show Notes and Mentions