EFM09 – Steph Corker – A Relentless Passion for Trying: People Consultant, Coach and Pro Triathlete

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Steph Corker Show Summary

How you do anything is how you do everything. That means the bigger picture of success is defined by your daily habits, your attitude towards failure and who you surround yourself with. Steph Corker, a People Consultant, entrepreneur, coach and professional triathlete, lives by this daily mantra. Her journey towards becoming an entrepreneur and professional triathlete has been one full of both failures and successes; but her relentless passion for trying and daily habits propels her towards some audacious goals. This is her story.

Key Quotes from the Steph Corker Interview

  • You can have it all as long as you define what “it all” means
  • How you do anything is how you do everything
  • If you have a dream then freakin’ chase it! People won’t care if you do or you don’t. Because at the end of the day, the only person that matters is you

Highlights from Steph Corker’s show:

  • Insights into Steph’s first race as a professional triathlete
  • Why Steph traveled 30 hours to Ironman South Africa to pursue her dreams
  • How our perspectives change when we surround ourselves with people more motivated and better than us, and why we should choose to step outside our comfort zone to level up our game
  • How Steph views sports as a form of self-expression
  • What it’s like to go into business as sibling co-founders
  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with people with audacious goals
  • Why it’s crucial to embrace failure on a daily basis as an entrepreneur
  • Why her proudest skills is her ability to get over failure
  • The importance of having the right people in your “inner tribe” to support you in your business and personal goals
  • Why there’s only so much energy to go round, and entrepreneurs should protect the relationships that count and learn to say “no” to the relationships that don’t
  • Why the entrepreneurial “hustle” and the life of a pro-triathlete is not “normal” and you can’t expect to fit in
  • How Steph has become better at guarding her time and relationships as the business grows by being unapologetic with her yes’s and no’s
  • How being a competitive swimmer as a kid gave Steph her “discipline for life”
  • Why it’s less important to be the best, but more so to love what you do
  • Is it harder for a woman to be a successful entrepreneur or a professional athlete?
  • The importance of having role models in shaping our attitudes towards success and failure
  • Why Steph struggles with people who think they have days to waste or dreams to go unfulfilled
  • How to deal with critics when you choose to do something remarkable in life
  • Why Steph chooses a life that may be scary or vulnerable
  • Why Steph plans 10 year visions for her life and how those visions have turned into reality

Steph Corker Show Notes and Mentions

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