EFM 10 – Graham Brown – My Story as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

graham d brown lifestyle entrepreneur

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I’m here because I chose an uncomfortable path to follow.

Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur means designing your business around a lifestyle that makes you happy, not the other way round. That means stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks.

I believe that life is an adventure and the biggest adventure we can take is to live life on our own terms.

Sounds easy but we all grow up within the confines of the Cubicle. That’s the system that has us studying for tests so we can get good grades to enter good jobs to buy cars we don’t need, to impress people we don’t care about. It’s a system that keeps us comfortably numb from the raw thrill of existence.

They say in Japan, the frog who lives in the well doesn’t know the ocean. Never forget that the frog chooses to live in the well because it’s comfortable.

Sure, it’s easy to get pleasure from a newer phone, a faster car or a bigger job title but it never lasts. It’s a lot harder, but far more fulfilling to say “no” to the stuff and the people that don’t count, to create space for real, lasting happiness.