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EFM15 – Margaret Schlachter, Founder Dirt in Your Skirt

Margaret Schlachter is an entrepreneur, author and was the world’s first female professional obstacle course racer. She left a comfortable salaried existence to turn pro 5 years ago, following her passion into Obstacle Course Racing, competing in some of the world’s toughest events including Death Race, 5x World’s Toughest Mudder, and Survival Run in Nicaragua… all the while building a movement on the side, Dirt in Your Skirt, for aspiring female changemakers who, like here, wanted to go out and make a ruckus.

What your body actually needs during training

EFM What your body actually needs during training. Interesting article from Training Peaks breaking down our bodies and different nutrition requirements for different lengths of time and intensity of activity.

How sub 9 hour Ironman champion Sami Inkinen trains just 8-12 hours a week!

EFM How sub 9 hour Ironman champion Sami Inkinen trains just 8-12 hours a week!:

Ironman champion Sami Inkinen, who trains just 8-12 hours per week.

Sami is just coming off an amateur Ironman winning time of 8:24 at Ironman Sweden, and last year, his finishes included:

* Overall amateur champion at Wildflower Triathlon Long Course
* Overall amateur champion at Hawaii 70.3. Ironman
* Age group world champion at Ironman 70.3. distance in Las Vegas
* Age group world champion runner up at Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, with an 8:58:59 Kona performance

You can listen to Sam’s audio here:

Tour De France

EFM Tour De France. Will the Aussie win it this year? Current form and the experts say YES!

EFM14 – Mike Jones – MyNextAdventure

We ’ re going to talk about living a life out of your depth – challenging yourself to go break through what you thought was possible in all aspects of life – health, business and personal goals. Introducing to you Mike Jones… extreme kayaker, ocean rower, expedition guide leading teams up Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc and Everest, founder and head guide with www.mynextadventure.ie, Guinness world record holder.